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Posted on: February 2, 2010 6:00 pm

Media Day Leftovers: Ervin Baldwin FTW!

In case you missed it, this year's Super Bowl Media Day was the most banal yet! 

No one wearing dog collars. No one proposing marriage to any player. No one dressed in drag. There was, however, a guy holding a sign telling Saints players he needed to pee. Sgt. Floyd Pepper from the Muppets apparently made an appearance. Oh and look! Indianapolis practice squad quarterback Drew Willy! Being interviewed by someone from the Jay Leno Show! Oh the hilarity that will certainly ensue! 

There was also a Telemundo anchor wearing wings wandering the premises and asking Colts players to put on a cowboy hat and buck like a bronco. Because these guys play for a team named after a horse, you see. Oh and there was another Telemundo guy with a puppet. But everyone pretty much ignored him, so no one knows what that was about.

You can see a quick mashup video of the zany wacky high jinks here

Here are the highlights from the video:
  • Peyton Manning saying, "I'm not superstitious. Maybe a little stitious. That's a bad joke...Eli gave me that joke. Sorry." Good one, Eli!
  • Darren Sharper bringing up the whole "Eli Manning/Jamie Sharper" thing again. Let it go, Darren!
  • Reggie Wayne's confession of being scared of sharks and alligators. An alligator? Really? An alligator with a bazooka attached to its head, sure. But just a plain old alligator? Weak! 
And, finally, as you can see in the pic above, that's Colts reserve defensive end Ervin Baldwin rocking the Heisman pose with his Entertainment Tonight Super Bowl Idol award. He rocked the joint, they gave him a microphone trophy, and ping -- he's the winner. 

Hard to believe this sort of thing goes on at Media Day. Even harder to believe: I just wrote the words "Colts reserve defensive end Ervin Baldwin rocking the Heisman pose with his Entertainment Tonight Super Bowl Idol award." This is compelling journalism at it's finest, people!

Hat tip to CBSSports.com on-air host Jason Horowitz for the pics
Posted on: February 2, 2010 9:58 am
Edited on: February 2, 2010 10:47 am

Them's Fightin Words!!!

Just when the Colts were pledging to not engage in a war of words, and things seemed to be cordial and professional between the two combatants for this Sunday's Super Bowl showdown, the trash talking has begun. Straight up, no holds-barred, in your face smack. And it's starting with Peyton Manning and Darren Sharper:

Peyton Manning referred to Darren Sharper as "Jamie" during an interview Sunday night. Manning was apparently pretending to confuse the Saints' free safety with former Ravens and Texans linebacker Jamie Sharper. Jamie has been out of football since 2005. 

According to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger, Sharper got back at the Colts' quarterback by calling him "Eli" on Monday.

Awww yea!!!!.... It's on now! Sunday's gonna be a .... 



We can go back and forth all day and night over what classifies as actual trash talk and what doesn't. But I'm pretty sure the "Hey you.. Uh, Billy! Your name's Billy right? No? Well... Imma call you Billy anyway! Ooohhh PWND!!" approach doesn't qualify. 

Mah well... today's media day, so it's still early....
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