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Posted on: February 8, 2010 8:53 am

The Little Brees Says It's All Good

Congrats to the World Champion New Orleans Saints and Who Dat Nation! We look forward to seeing more of Bobby Hebert in a dress.

Congrats also to Sean Payton's balls.

And congrats to Tracy Porter, who laughs at your silly Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Keep it here as we cover the post-game interviews, analysis and the ballsout nuttery going on down in the French Quarter!
Posted on: February 6, 2010 10:41 pm
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ESPN is not only The World Wide Leader In Sports, they are also apparently The World Wide Leader In Knowing Our Destinies & All Future Events. On this particular poll (man does ESPN love them some polls!) ESPN asks you, the reader, to rank all the quarterbacks in NFL history who have won one Super Bowl. And it lists Drew Brees as the most recent one-Super Bowl title winner:

After completing the best season in New Orleans Saints history, Drew Brees has finally won his first Super Bowl. Brees' lone Super Bowl victory puts him on an eclectic list of starting quarterbacks with one title to their names. From all-time greats like Brett Favre to big personalities like Jim McMahon, 18 men have started and won pro football's biggest game but once in their careers.So there you go. Aside from the fact that ESPN is keeping from us vital information about the future -- such as, when exactly will the damn dirty apes take over or when and where exactly will our robot overlords land their massive fleet of UFOs -- they've also just ruined Super Bowl Sunday for all of us by revealing the winner. No need to bother watching the game now. We already know the outcome. Thanks a lot ESPN! Jerks!

Update: As you may have figured out already, ESPN has changed the link and it now directs you to their front page. 

hat tip to reader Sam K. for sending in the link
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Drew Brees Will Melt Your Face Off

The Super Bowl is just a couple of days away now (finally!) 

And that means a lot of over-analysis and conjecture. But it's all good fun, so let's dive in as kickoff approaches:

Brett Martell tells us that the Saints high-powered offense led by Drew Brees will be unlike anything the Colts defense have seen thus far:

In their previous two postseason wins, the Colts lined up against two of the NFL's youngest and least experienced quarterbacks: Baltimore's Joe Flacco and the New York Jets' Mark Sanchez... With an offense that led the NFL in yards and scoring, the Saints have the ability to outscore Peyton Manning and the Colts. That is why New Orleans could celebrate its first NFL title on Sunday night.
In the last two weeks, it seems as if everyone has forgotten that Brees and the Saints have an end of Raiders of the Lost Ark melt your face off type offense. This offense is like some crazy chemistry experiment where everything just blows up. 

Will it be enough to beat Indy? We'll find out Sunday. Keep your eyes shut, Marion!!!

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Posted on: February 4, 2010 11:26 am
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Drew Brees Knows His Logos

Let's face it. Most NFL team logos are lame. The Cowboys: a star. Really? How original. The Colts have a shoehorn. Meh I guess that's old school. The Dolphins have a fish with a hole in its head jumping through a hoop. The Jets have the words 'JETS.' I guess so the fans can be reminded what they're called? Don't even get me started with the Browns (it's not even brown!! the hell??) and Steelers (twinkly things, and on only one side of the helmet?). The Chargers have a lightning bolt and... oh, wait... a lightning bolt is actually kind of awesome. 

Anyway, the Saints have the Fleur-de-lis on their helmets. And I'm willing to bet most people have no earthly idea what that whole thing is about. Well guess who does. Drew Brees, that's who. Some smartypants journalist tried to throw a curve ball of a question about the Saints logo at him, but Brees carved him up with knowledge like he carves up secondaries with his arm

Brees was asked what he thinks about when he sees the fleur-de-lis symbol, which alrso serves as the Saints logo. After appearing to be a little surprised by the line of questioning and aknowledging what an interesting inquiry it was, he rolled into quite the educated answer. 

"The fleur-de-lis symbol dates back to the French monarchy," said Brees. "So much of New Orleans' culture comes from the time when we were under French rule. That's just a big part of the culture. It's a big part of what New Orleans is all about. So when you look at that symbol, it is the symbol of the city. It's just like when you look at the American flag when you sing the National Anthem and you stare at it, it makes you well up with pride a little bit. When we see the fleur-de-lis, it makes us well up with pride."

Interesting. How many NFL logos have that much history in it? Boring? Oh hell and yes. But interesting nonetheless. Now you can dismiss this as some arbitrary news-filler on a slow day. But before you do that, admit to yourself two things: 

1.) Drew Brees is a learned and cultured man and 2.) You always thought the Saints logo was a pealed banana. 

Yea, you can admit it. You so thought that.
Posted on: February 2, 2010 10:26 am

Your Daily Dwight Freeney Ankle Update

So late Sunday it was reported that Dwight Freeney had a third-degree ankle sprain. And yesterday Colts head coach Jim Caldwell confirmed that report. But, Caldwell called Freeney a "quick healer" (like Wolverine, if that reference helps you), so it sounds like the Colts' thinking is he will play.

But Caldwell then told reporters that the Colts are preparing their game plan as if Freeney won't play

Meanwhile, Drew Brees told the Times-Picayune that the Saints are preparing their game plan as if Freeney will play

And Hashmarks gives us a list of players with bad injuries prior to their respective Super Bowls who did end up playing.

So I guess the moral of the story is, no one knows what the hell is going on. Advantage = Ambiguity and Vagueness. Yay!
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Even Current Saints Players Love to Play Dress Up

On the heels of former Saints QB Bobby Hebert dressing up as a woman comes this: Current Saints dressed up as bellhops! 

As you can see, head coach Sean Payton, and Saints players who were at last night's Pro Bowl, dressed up as bellhops and went down to greet their teammates who arrived at the team hotel in Miami this morning.

How awesome would it be to order a BLT from room service and have it delivered by Drew Brees? And how much would you have to tip him? 

Photo gallery here.
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Posted on: January 29, 2010 4:19 pm

Unlike Gruden, This Guy Isn't a Fan of Drew Brees

Our own Mike Freeman has an excellent piece on former Saints offensive lineman Conrad Dobler and how much he disagrees with Jon Gruden that Drew Brees is awesome. But Dobler's dislike of Brees is not based on his quarterbacking but, rather, Drew's comments of former NFL players who criticized the NFL Player's Union:

Dobler, who has been heavily involved in attempting to gain better benefits for older retired players, unleashed on Brees, who was once critical of the Gridiron Greats, an organization dedicated to improving the financial and physical well-being of older NFL retirees. 

"Drew Brees is a great quarterback, but personally I don't care for him," Dobler said. "I don't like him very much. He basically called us a bunch of whiny old men. He's in the Super Bowl but doesn't understand the history of the game.

Far be it for the Super Bowl XLIV Blog to make light of a pretty important on-going debate in the NFL. So, I recommend you read the entire piece and form your own opinion on the matter and maybe even engage in the debate in the comments. 

I generally stay way from most debates. I prefer to not stir the pot or ruffle feathers. I'm a pacifist, really. The only debate I'd ever engage in is which is the better restaurant: McDonald's or Burger King. I say Burger King because there's always that chance that you get a stray onion ring mixed in with your order of fries. AND I WILL FIGHT THE FIRST MAN WHO DISAGREES WITH ME ON THIS ON MY FRONT LAWN!!!
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Posted on: January 29, 2010 1:53 pm
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This Just In: Drew Brees Is Short, Awesome

As good as Peyton Manning has been this year, Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been equally great. And, like his Super Bowl counterpart, he's pretty much the main reason his team is in the big game this year. But what makes Brees such a kick-ass QB?

"I think he's just uncanny with his movement in the pocket, the ability to find the lanes and throw from different platforms," ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said. "He'll move from his passing slot to get an open receiver. The accuracy is absolutely amazing."
It's that mobility coupled with tremendous athleticism and his crazy, blow up your face pinpoint accuracy that makes Brees great, which comes in handy because he's a little guy:

Brees is about 6 feet tall -- five inches shorter than Manning -- and sometimes has to get resourceful to see around his massive offensive linemen.  

"I stood there behind the Saints in training camp . . . and I can't see two feet beyond the line of scrimmage," said ESPN's Jon Gruden, who's no taller than 5-10. "He can throw sidearm, he can throw off his back foot. He can reset, start one way, reset and get rid of the ball. "When the ball comes out of his hand, it's quick. Tremendous pocket presence and a way better athlete than people realize."

And aside from being a mauler of defensive secondaries, Brees is also a great human. He's worked tirelessly with various charities, including his own Brees Dream Foundation, has been active in rebuilding New Orleans, and once brought a puppy who had been hit by a car back to life using only his smile and gumption. Not sure if the last part of that sentence really happened, but it sounds like something he would totally do. So it HAS to be true.

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