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Posted on: January 29, 2010 11:19 am

Even Colts Can't Explain Manning's Awesomeness

So how good is NFL MVP Peyton Manning? So good even his own teammates and coaches can't fully explain it:

His relentless thirst for knowledge, his passion to know opponents better than they know themselves and his uncanny ability to recall crucial details in split seconds have many NFL observers wondering how, exactly, does Manning's mind work? 

"It's quite confusing," Colts receiver Reggie Wayne jokingly said this week. "It's something that whenever his mind starts to go, I'm trying to get as far away from him as I possibly can. Just tell me the end result, that's all I need to know."
Manning's greatness makes Reggie Wayne's brain hurt. So much so that he wants to literally jump into a time machine just so he doesn't have to think about it.  

And linebacker Gary Brackett likens Manning to a master chess player: 

"What's the saying, 'A good chess player can see 10 moves ahead?' I think that's exactly what it is," linebacker Gary Brackett said. "It's like 'If we do this, they're going to do this. If they do this, I'm going to do this.' Thinking that step ahead and being already on to the next one when they break up a pass. He and Reggie are great at that. Reggie just throws up the hand, Peyton knows exactly where to go."
So there you go. Peyton Manning is quite unstoppable. As unstoppable as a Polar Bear wielding a Samurai sword? Well of course not! Don't be an idiot!
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