Posted on: January 27, 2010 9:37 am
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Saints Fans Are Buying All the Hotel Rooms

Yesterday we linked to a story about Saints fans buying all the newspapers in New Orleans. Today, those menaces are at it again, because now they're buying all the hotel rooms in Miami. 

The Miami Herald tells us that Saints fans are booking hotel rooms in droves, while Colts fans are not so much. How do hotel managers and owners know this? ACCENTS!

"The callers we're getting all have Cajun accents,'' said Robert Finvarb, who owns four Marriott hotels in Broward and Miami-Dade. ``Indianapolis is a dog for Super Bowl."
Aside from being a hotel owner, Robert Finvarb must be some kind of genius detective because he figured all this out via the accent of his potential guests.

But Ralph Abravaya, owner of the Cavalier Hotel in Miami Beach, is corroborating Finvarb's claims that this will be a mostly-Saints fan crowd. Abravaya's proof is based on experience, as well as the knowledge that Colts fans just don't seem to give a crap.

"Last time we had the Super Bowl, I had one Indianapolis fan for every 10 Chicago fans," said Ralph Abravaya, owner of the Cavalier Hotel in South Beach. ``I had a heckuva crowd at the restaurant [for the 2007 Super Bowl] and only one table had Indianapolis fans."
But the overall booking of rooms for Super Bowl weekend seems to be a slow-go this year. Some might blame the troubling economic times. Others might blame the fact that Miami hotel rooms go for $1,000 a night. Overall, however, hotel owners like Abravaya are willing to lower their prices.

[Abravaya's] hoping fan interest will pick up as Super Bowl approaches. ``New Orleans might surprise me,'' he said. ``Indianapolis will not.''
So to recap: hotel rooms in Miami are not selling as fast as their owners would like, Saints fans all have Cajun accents, and Colts fans can go suck it. The end.
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Super Bowl XLIV Is Set...

....get ready for a crapload of storylines and puff pieces!

Thaaaat's right. Super Bowl XLIV in Miami is all set. And fans of Rachel Nichols and golden-hued lighting everywhere can rejoice! What with a whole 12 days to go before the big game, the media has a lot of time to cover the heaps of stories-behind-the-stories-behind-t
he-stories that are sure to captivate and enthrall America -- nay! The world!

There is, of course, the entire city of New Orleans and everything it's been through since Katrina. It's a pretty great story, actually. A city ravished by a monstrous hurricane, rising from the darkness and rebuilding not only its devastated city structures but its identity as well. Even the President is rooting for the Saints for this very reason. And it will remain a great story until the endless vignettes featuring Harry Connick Jr. driving around town with Sean Peyton riding shotgun drives it straight into the ground.

There's also Archie Manning and his burdensome dilemma. Should he root for the his team? Should he root for his son's team? On one hand, Peyton Manning is his son. On the other, Archie played for the Saints, lives in New Orleans, and has been a long-suffering Saints fan. But, hey, Peyton's already won a Super Bowl. So the Saints it is! Suck on that, son! Oh wait. He's already claimed he's rooting for Peyton .

Regardless of this piece of news, you should still expect to hear about Archie's non-existent dilemma all the way up to kickoff, and even during the broadcast itself.

Other stories we'll surely be bombarded with:
  • Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian 
  • Drew Brees returns to Miami after the Miami Dolphins rejected him -- twice!
  • Jim Caldwell is black! And he's coaching in the Super Bowl!
  • Both the Colts and the Saints almost went undefeated! But didn't!
  • Will Brett Favre really retire? C'mon you didn't think him not being there would keep this story down, did you?
  • Peyton Manning's second trip to the Super Bowl is in Miami, the same city where he won his first Super Bowl. Coincidences are fun!
  • Peyton Manning is from New Orleans! No, really!
  • Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

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