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Your Super Bowl XLIV Officiating Crew

The NFL has announced the officiating crew for Super Bowl XLIV.

Referee Scott Green will lead a seven-man crew in officiating Sunday's Super Bowl between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints

The other officials are umpire Undrey Wash, head linesman John McGrath, line judge Jeff Seeman, field judge Rob Vernatchi, side judge Greg Meyer and back judge Greg Steed. The crew has a combined 66 years of NFL officiating experience.

And if this news is of real interest to you, then we know who the we need more snacks, send so-and-so on a beer and pretzel run guy is during your Super Bowl party. 

*hint: you
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Posted on: January 29, 2010 5:10 pm
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Kurt Warner Retires: What They're Saying

Though this isn't a Super Bowl XLIV item per say, it does have to do with a Super Bowl MVP. It's also the biggest news in the NFL today. So we feel the need to mention it. And in case you've been trapped under a very fat person today, or work for NORAD, then you know that Cardinals QB Kurt Warner announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this afternoon.

So rather than give our own take on it, here's a look around the globe on Warner hanging em up: As you can see, guys like Troy Aikman, Larry Fitzgerald and Tony Romo are sad to see Warner go, but also honor the man and his 12-year career. No doubt Kurt's inbox is being filled with well wishes from current and former NFL stars as we speak. 

Except one particular e-mail Super Bowl XLIV Blog has been able to exclusively attain. It was sent to Warner by a bfavre_deerhunter4@yahoo.com and had the following e-mail attachment:

Retirement??? Whatchu talkin bout Kurt?

Not quite sure what to make of this, or who that e-mailer might be. But there's always someone looking to spoil the fun. Congrats on a great career, Kurt Warner!
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Posted on: January 29, 2010 4:19 pm

Unlike Gruden, This Guy Isn't a Fan of Drew Brees

Our own Mike Freeman has an excellent piece on former Saints offensive lineman Conrad Dobler and how much he disagrees with Jon Gruden that Drew Brees is awesome. But Dobler's dislike of Brees is not based on his quarterbacking but, rather, Drew's comments of former NFL players who criticized the NFL Player's Union:

Dobler, who has been heavily involved in attempting to gain better benefits for older retired players, unleashed on Brees, who was once critical of the Gridiron Greats, an organization dedicated to improving the financial and physical well-being of older NFL retirees. 

"Drew Brees is a great quarterback, but personally I don't care for him," Dobler said. "I don't like him very much. He basically called us a bunch of whiny old men. He's in the Super Bowl but doesn't understand the history of the game.

Far be it for the Super Bowl XLIV Blog to make light of a pretty important on-going debate in the NFL. So, I recommend you read the entire piece and form your own opinion on the matter and maybe even engage in the debate in the comments. 

I generally stay way from most debates. I prefer to not stir the pot or ruffle feathers. I'm a pacifist, really. The only debate I'd ever engage in is which is the better restaurant: McDonald's or Burger King. I say Burger King because there's always that chance that you get a stray onion ring mixed in with your order of fries. AND I WILL FIGHT THE FIRST MAN WHO DISAGREES WITH ME ON THIS ON MY FRONT LAWN!!!
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The Balls On This Guy!

Some guy is offering one of his testicles on Craigslist for Super Bowl tickets.  
High capacity, O negative, well traveled, well maintained, larger than average, only used for @ 22 years! (was in storage before that) 1 available! History of producing blond haired Caucasian males inclined towards joining the military. (1 army, 1 marine) (results may vary!) All sales are final!! Will complete transaction after the game! (and I'll need a ride to the airport and help on a plane!) Pictures/documentation available upon request. No perverts!!!!! Email for additional information!

Alright let's get this over with:

"No perverts? Boy this guy is really TESTE."
"You'd have to be NUTS to reply to this listing!"
"I give you Super Bowl tickets and all I get is this JUNK?"
"You sure you don't want to trade these tickets for some JEWELS instead?"

..... and ....

"Mr. Manning, Mr. Manning... could you autograph my BALL??"

Ok, moving on....

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NFL Lawyers: No Who Dat For You!

Saints fans have run amok on the world what with their singlehandedly revitalizing the newspaper industry, taking over the city of Miami, and halting America's justice system on a whim. 

But there's one entity Saints fans apparently cannot overcome. That's right. NFL lawyers.

Per PFT, a Louisiana television station is reporting that the NFL has sent out cease and desist letters to businesses that sell merchandise that read 'Who Dat' on them.

"I really thought the 'Who Dat' was something that belonged to the people more than to the Saints or to the NFL or anything else," said one shop owner Josh Harvey.  NFL spokesman Dan Masonson disagrees: "Any unauthorized use of the Saints colors and other [marks] designed to create the illusion of an affiliation with the Saints is equally a violation of the Saints trademark rights because it allows a third party to 'free ride' by profiting from confusion of the team's fans, who want to show support for the Saints."
Stupid NFL. 

You can say that these business owners should just go to court and fight this thing using the impenetrable "Saintsmania" defense. It would be an open and shut case, you'd say. But keep in mind that because most of these business owners are Saints fans -- and recent evidence suggests they are an unstoppable force -- using the argument for their own personal means might very well rip a hole in the space-time continuum. Most scientists would flat out disagree with me on this. But we just can't take that risk!
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